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Winery Weekend Nights- Rob Anthony

Performer: Rob Anthony
When: March 31 - 31, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We couldn't be happier to have the rare opportunity to welcome Rob Anthony to The Blind Horse.  This amazingly talented singer/guitarist will be in the house!  Hang out with us for Small Plates, Wine Flights and Live Music with Rob Anthony!

Combining the harmony of midwest Americana with singer-songwriter sensibility and outlining an acoustic instrumentation with a rock edge Rob Anthony is truly at home. His music reaches into the soul, grabs the struggles of the inner man, and weaves it into a solid personal connection between musician and listener. 
Fresh off tour as the guitar player with the Bodeans Rob Anthony is supporting his latest album release Where We Are. “It got spiritual”, Anthony admits, “when energies connect on a musical level, it’s unlike any other experience. I’ve spent a lifetime evolving musically & spiritually, being criticized, being praised. It’s made me weak, it’s made me strong. Here’s to coming to terms with it all, the past, the now & living for the future. Write from the heart, sing from the soul, don’t ever let go…”
Learn more about Rob Anthony and listen in at www.robanthonymusic.com
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