Blind Horse 2020 Rose’ Featured by Forbes


Forbes Features The Blind Horse Winery In Mother’s Day Themed Round-up of Rosés, Not Roses!

WHAT: A recent Forbes article says to forget the roses for mom and gift Rosé. This Mother’s Day Wisconsin-based freelance writer and award-winning author Jeanette Hurt encouraged the purchase of Rosé wine in place of a dozen roses. Actually a dozen bottles of Rosé! One of those highlighted bottles “fine enough that she won’t need flowers” included The Blind Horse Winery 2020 Rosé released on Friday, May 7 in timing with Mother’s Day. Article Link:

Excerpt: The Blind Horse ($25) The Blind Horse If you want to get one of the newest rosé releases, then get her The Blind Horse Rosé. This wine, which is being released this Friday in anticipation of Mother’s Day, is a blend of Grenache and Sangiovese. It’s this winery’s second rosé. Their other rosé, Flirty Birdy, is named for the favorite horse of the original farmers who owned the land where the winery is located. That horse, which was blind, was named Birdy.

About The Wine: New! The Blind Horse Rosé
Description:This Rosé is a special blend of Grenache and Sangiovese. Together, the blend makes for a dry, crisp and refreshing wine with hints of strawberry and peach on the finish.
Vintage: 2020  I  Harvest Date: 09.09.2020  I  Alcohol: 13.40%  I  Volume: 750ml  I  Bottling Date: 05.06.2021
Purchase: Available for purchase onsite and online.

WHO: Tom Nye, Master Winemaker & General Manager, The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery

“While dry Rosé wine may not have the prestige of other wines in our industry, it’s always been one of my personal favorites because of its versatility, complexity and elegance it can exhibit.  This Rosé is crafted with a blend of Grenache and Sangiovese grapes and is the result of years of tweeking and refinement in our process and the grapes used, which finally has produced a Rosé wine capable of reaching those high standards.” ~ Tom Nye

About General Manager & Master Winemaker Tom Nye
Master Winemaker Thomas Nye embraces a minimalist style of winemaking, enabling the natural qualities of the fruit to shine in the finished wine. A winemaker for 12 years, he is known for his elegant and sophisticated winemaking style. Tom brings a philosophy of “making wine in the field” by searching out the best vineyards and working with viticulturists to produce a great selection of wines at a value conscious price point. It is this direct relationship with the growers in California and Washington State that is key to producing award winning wines.

Photo credit: Courtesy of The Blind Horse



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