About the Chef


Chef Brent Davis, The Blind HorsePassion and respect for food are two of the core values Executive Chef Brent Davis brings to The Blind Horse kitchen. With his family roots in Wisconsin inspiring a lifelong love of fresh foods, Chef Davis brings a whole new component to our Napa Valley-inspired menu.

Chef Davis very quickly forged many partnerships with local farmers who provide him the freshest foods – truly from their farm to our tables. It’s those fresh, healthy foods that are the starting point for all of his dishes. He draws inspiration from the emotion he feels from those just-picked tomatoes or a bushel of asparagus so fresh they are still sparkling with early morning dew. He experiments with how he can craft something completely unique, changing the perception of that vegetable then matching it with the best cut of a protein to design a sophisticated, delicious entrée that bursts with flavor, texture and beauty.

As for presentation, Chef Davis has created some of the most stunning plates at The Blind Horse to date.  But that’s no surprise since this young Executive Chef almost embarked on an education in art instead of culinary excellence. Truly, the plating is where his passion for food and art merge.

Chef Davis has been perfecting his culinary skills for over 11 years, starting as a line cook when he was a teenager, progressing to Sous Chef and now reaching Executive Chef at The Blind Horse. Davis attended Fox Valley Technical College’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program.